Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel your account at any time, at which point your subscription will stop.  Depending on the time you started your subscription, will determine when the last day of service will end.  If you started the service on the 13th, and cancelled on the 10th, your subscription will end in 3 days on the upcoming 13th.  If you cancelled it on the 14th, your service will continue until the 13th of the next month at which point it will end.

If you have a positive balance when you cancel service, you will be offered a refund of your credit minus the free credit. The amount will be rounded down to the nearest dollar.  If the amount is below a certain threshold we cannot refund due to merchant limitations. 

Please be aware that we incur a service fee when you request a refund, we are not currently passing that service fee on to our customers so if we can do anything to help you keep your service instead of cancelling please talk to us.

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