How do you bill?

Our service works on a model of a subscription service plus usage.  What this means is that your subscription to the service will cost a monthly fee billed every 30 days and you pay for bandwidth and compute time.  You  add credit to your account, and the credit is deducted during usage. Each call is charged based on the bandwidth egress and compute time used for successful calls. We do not charge for Ingress, or failed jobs.

Compute time is calculated as soon as the job begins processing and finishes. Delays resulting in network issues, or back-end infrastructure are not included in the compute time calculation.  The compute time and bandwidth costs are also rounded down.  This is done to be as fair as possible in the calculations.

New users are given free credit when they sign-up, this is a one time offer and the credit does not expire. You can use it whenever you want, and it will remain in your account forever if you do not use it.

See our Home page for up to date pricing information.

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