Are their limits to your service?

There are certain limitations to control Quality of Service across our customer base.

API Rate Limit: 60 requests per minute (sliding window).

This does not mean you can only make 60 requests per a minute, it means you can only make 60 requests concurrently within a 60 second window.  As seconds continue to tick by, the Windows will continue to slide.

For example: If you make 2 requests at the same time your remaining calls allowed is 58, if 2 seconds passes without an additional call your remaining calls allowed would be 60 again.

This restriction exists to prevent abuse, and as mentioned above Quality of Service across our user base.  It would be extremely difficult to hit this rate under any normal operation.  If you do hit this limit, and need it increased please contact support and we will increase the limit.

Filesize: No direct limit but having a large filesize will increase costs significantly, it will also increase compute time as it takes much longer to process larger documents than smaller. While we do not limit filesize please be aware of the potential cost associated with processing large documents.

Compute Time: We do not directly limit compute time. But we do limit active connection time to 100 seconds.

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